Stacy McCoy

Member Engagement Coordinator

A longtime UCC member, Stacy is excited to join the staff team to pursue her passion for helping make this church a welcoming place for all! As a volunteer she has led the Hospitality Ministry for the past couple of years. Before that, Stacy served on the Board of Stewards, as a Deacon and now an Elder.

Stacy was raised a Methodist and her husband Bill is the son of a Presbyterian minister. When they moved to Fort Worth in 1993, The Christian Church Disciples of Christ seemed like a good compromise. Truthfully, they joined 26 years ago so that they would have priority admittance to the coveted UCC Weekday School when their daughters, Jessica and Mindy, were ready for preschool! Serving on the Weekday School Board is where Stacy got hooked on volunteering with this beloved church community.

A die hard Longhorn fan, Stacy got her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation she had a 20 year career with Procter & Gamble in medical and dental sales. Using the marketing expertise she gained at P&G, she ran her own consulting company for about 5 years. Now, as Member Engagement Coordinator at UCC, Stacy works to shepherd visitors through the joining process and then engaging them in church opportunities that best fit their individual spiritual gifts.

The McCoys love to travel and to visit their girls in Austin. They frequently entertain in their home and cherish time with friends. For all but one football game of the year, Stacy joins Bill in cheering for his Horned Frogs which she believes is the secret to success for living in The Fort!